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  1. PAGE Tutorial (3790 bytes)
    40: ...go_orf (uses gene names like TP53, and curated GO categories, no electronic annotation).
    43: --pathways=human_go_orf (all GO categories, including electronic annotation)
    56: ...reported. --minr=5 will remove a lot of redundant categories.
    78: may want to run PAGE for different annotation categories (e.g. KEGG, BioCarta). To change the name of your...
  2. Elementolab/PAGE adding new pathway database (1653 bytes)
    27: Get parent categories
  3. Elementolab/ChIPseeqerFIRE (6762 bytes)
    59: ...veral peakfiles. This will run FIRE using as many categories as the peakfiles. Useful to compare multiple peak...
  4. Elementolab/ChIPseeqeriPAGE (3843 bytes)
    50: ...--minr=FLOAT specifies how independent the categories should be, 0 by default meaning all informative p...
    54: ...t file when you run PAGE for different annotation categories (--suffix=KEGG)
  5. Elementolab/Find peaks with motif (1606 bytes)
    17: ...t in this file. This can be helpful when multiple categories are used in FIRE
  6. Elementolab/ChIPseeqer GUI (4343 bytes)
    13: ! Categories
  7. Elementolab/Find peaks and genes in pathway (2564 bytes)
    16: -bin=INT Indicates the categories of genes in PAGE. 0 stands for the background gen...
    17: If more input gene categories were used then bin=2 and so on should be used.

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