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PubMedLookup is a Java library that connects to the PubMed database at and retrieves PubMed information given a PubMedID or retrieves PubMed information from a given XML file. The information for the specified PubMedID can that be accessed by field, as a citation HTML, or fomatted into XML, JSON, EndNote, or BibTeX.

Software Requirements

Getting the library

PubMedLookup is distributed as a precompiled jar files and also in source code form. Distribution types are described in the following sections.

Binary Distribution

The binary distribution of the clustering library contains one jar file, PubMedLookup.jar.

Source Distribution

The source distribution of the PubMedLookup library contains the Java source code along with supporting files that are used to compile the package.


Note that this section is meant only for those with the source distribution or subverion access. Users of the binary distribution should skip this section.

Compiling and packaging

The target used to build the PubMedLookup package is called "jar". Executing ant jar will produce the a file called "PubMedLookup.jar" in the <install-dir>.

Subversion Access from the ICB local environment

This project's Subversion repository can be checked out through SVN with the following instruction set:

 svn co

Browse the PubMedLookup package in the Subversion repository.


The PubMedLookup Javadoc API is available online here or for download. It is included with the binary distribution or can be built from the source distribution via the command ant javadocs.

More Information

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