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PBtech subversion info: http://pbtech.med.cornell.edu/pbwiki/index.php/Subversion Another tutorial: http://icb.med.cornell.edu/wiki/index.php/Svn

To create a subrepository for a particular project (eg PAGE):

svn mkdir https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/PAGE -m "created PAGE dir"
svn mkdir https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/PAGE/trunk -m "created PAGE/trunk dir"

Note: you might have to enter your pbtech username and password

svn --username XXX --password YYY mkdir https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/PAGE -m "created PAGE dir"

To import existing code in the PAGE/ directory:

svn import PAGE https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/PAGE/trunk -m "imported PAGE to trunk dir "

Sometimes, import imports files you want to get rid of:

svn delete https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/PAGE/trunk/PAGE/PROGRAMS/page.dSYM -m "delete"

Or simply

svn delete page.dSYM
svn commit -m "deleted page.dSYM"

After import, delete/move your copy, then checkout a fresh one

svn checkout --username XXX --password YYY https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/PAGE/trunk PAGE/
(XXX and YYY are PBtech username and password, resp)

svn checkout https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/MYSCANACE/trunk MYSCANACE/

To add a file to your working copy:

$ svn add code.c 
A         code.c

When adding a directory, the default behavior of svn add is to recurse:

$ svn add testdir
A         testdir
A         testdir/a
A         testdir/b
A         testdir/c
A         testdir/d

You can add a directory without adding its contents:

$ svn add --non-recursive otherdir
A         otherdir

And of course, to commit your modifs

svn commit -m "added direct xpdf-based drawing option"

Or to update your code

svn update

To see your locally modified items and display update information

svn status -u

To set a property, e.g. pbtech:access

svn pe pbtech:access .
svn ci -m "added access"
svn up
svn ci -m "added access"

To list properties

svn pl

To delete properties

svn pd pbtech:access

SVN by default does not remember the executable permission of files. If you want to set a file to have the executable permission:

svn propset svn:executable ON somescript
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