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  • 1) Download the source code using our SVN repository Subversion
svn checkout --username guest --password email@email.com https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/ChIPseeqer/trunk ChIPseeqer/

(note: guests SVN users cannot commit any changes; please use your PBtech identifiers if you need to make changes to the code)

  • 2) Change directory using:
cd ChIPseeqer
  • 3) Read the LICENSE file. It basically says that you can (almost) do whatever you want with the code and program, provided you accept that we cannot be held liable if anything bad happens. If you have not read the LICENSE file, or do not accept the terms, please do not use ChIPseeqer.

You can also do this using macports:

 sudo port install pcre

There are a few more modules that may need to be installed, e.g. the IO::Zlib PERL module. It is also quite possible you would have to install the libz library (http://www.zlib.net/)

  • 5) Compile ChIPseeqer using:

(if you see an error message about -arch x86_64, try: make -f Makefile.linux instead of make)

  • 6) Set the CHIPSEEQERDIR environment variable

Read How to set the CHIPSEEQERDIR variable

svn checkout --username guest --password email@email.com https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/MYSCANACE/trunk MYSCANACE/
svn checkout --username guest --password email@email.com https://pbtech-vc.med.cornell.edu/public/svn/elementolab/BIO-C/trunk BIO-C/
export MYSCANACEDIR=/path/to/MYSCANACE  # try export MYSCANACEDIR=`pwd`
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