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This mode is used to evaluate an array of performance measures by cross-validation. The number of folds is configurable with the "--folds" option (e.g., 5, 10 are typical values of the fold parameter). It is implemented by org.bdval.CrossValidationMode.

Mode Parameters

The following options are available in this mode

Flag Arguments Required Description
--label label yes A string that the type of model construction process used to generate the models.
(-f | --folds) folds yes Number of cross validation folds.
--cv-repeats cv-repeats no Number of cross validation repeats. default = 1 (does one round of cross-validation). Values larger than one cause the cross validation to be repeated and results averaged over the rounds.
--submission-file submission-file no The MAQC-II submission file to create. Please note that this file lacks some columns required for MAQCII submission. These columns must be created manually in excel.
--feature-selection-method feature-selection-method no This option is deprecated. The feature selection method will be determined automatically from the label provided.
--binary binary no Indicates that binary decision values (-1/+1) should be used to evaluate the binary flavor of evaluation measures in addition to the traditional evaluation measures. (default: false)
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