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TissueInfo is a program that determines the tissue expression profile of a sequence. It does this by comparing the given sequence against the EST database. Each EST comes from a library derived from a specific tissue type. By collating the library information from the ESTs which a sequence matches, we can identify the tissue expression profile of that sequence.

We have determined the tissue expression profiles of the human mRNA transcript set from Ensembl (release 57 [GRCh37] (February 2010)), and the mouse mRNA transcript set from Ensembl (release 57 [NCBIM37] (February 2010)). Selected transcripts have been withheld while they are under investigation by members of the ICB and are marked as "withheld" in the database. The information will be released upon publication. The query sequences have been masked to removed common repeat regions using RepBase14.09 (using RepeatMasker v3.2.8). Some transcripts are completely masked and therefore do not appear in the TissueInfo database, since no tissue expression profile can be determined. This web interface allows the user to search these databases to find any genes which match a given tissue profile. Genes are said to be specific to a given tissue if 95% of the ESTs that they match come from that tissue. A gene is said to be expressed in a tissue if at least one of the ESTs which it matches comes from that tissue.

More information about the method, and an option to download it to your desktop, can be found here. All data can be downloaded as flat files from here.

If you use this resource, please cite: Skrabanek L and Campagne F. TissueInfo: high-throughput identification of tissue expression profiles and specificity. Nucleic Acids Res. 2001 29(21):e102 [PubMed].

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