Class CustomizedDiagramImpl1_1

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public class CustomizedDiagramImpl1_1
extends CustomizedDiagramImpl1_0

Encapsulates all necessary diagram components for storage. Contains functionality to rebuild or repaint the diagram. Due to the transfer mechanism to support different versions of the interface/implementation, this class must NOT use private fiels or methods. The higher level of restriction is protected (everything should be available to a subclass).

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Field Summary
protected  int test_int
Fields inherited from class edu.mssm.crover.webservices.rbde.CustomizedDiagramImpl1_0
cacs, defaultColorScheme, diagram, elipsOK, image, image_scale_factor, image_time_adjusted_in_advance, last_image_time, need_rebuild_image, need_repaint_image, Nterm_dir, sc, sequence
Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
CustomizedDiagramImpl1_1(AnnotatedBioSequence sequence)
          Constructor from a sequence.
Method Summary
 int getTestInt()
 void postTransfer(UpgradableObject source)
          Post transfer operation.
protected  void resetAll()
          Resets the state of the all variables.
 void transfer(UpgradableObject destination)
          Transfers the content of this CustomizedDiagram to the destination.
Methods inherited from class edu.mssm.crover.webservices.rbde.CustomizedDiagramImpl1_0
adjustLoopParameters, calculateElipses, dispose, flush, fullGC, getColorAnnotationsColorScheme, getDefaultColorScheme, getDiagram, getElipses, getImage, getImageScaleFactor, getImageTime, getNtermDirection, getSequence, obtainServletCentral, rebuildImage, repaintImage, resetTransient, scaleImage, setDefaultColorScheme, setElipses, setImageScaleFactor, setImageTime, setNeedRebuildImage, setNeedRepaintImage, setNtermDirectionDown, setNtermDirectionUp, setSequence
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


protected int test_int
Constructor Detail


public CustomizedDiagramImpl1_1(AnnotatedBioSequence sequence)
Constructor from a sequence. Creates a CustomizedDiagram initialized with a sequence.


public CustomizedDiagramImpl1_1()
Default constructor. Creates an empty CustomizedDiagram - no annotated sequence, nothing.

Method Detail


protected void resetAll()
Resets the state of the all variables. Called by the constructor to factorize operations.

resetAll in class CustomizedDiagramImpl1_0
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public int getTestInt()


public void transfer(UpgradableObject destination)
Transfers the content of this CustomizedDiagram to the destination.

transfer in class CustomizedDiagramImpl1_0


public void postTransfer(UpgradableObject source)
Post transfer operation. Called by the source on the destination to give it an opportunity to initialize the part of its state that is unknown to the source. The destination can use the source reference to obtain any required extra information that was not initialized during #transfer().

postTransfer in class CustomizedDiagramImpl1_0

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