Class HumanLocus

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HumanLocus
extends java.lang.Object
implements Locus

Represents a human locus, encoded as a FISH location.

Constructor Summary
HumanLocus(java.lang.String fishLocation)
          Constructs a locus from its FISH location.
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Locus l)
          Return true if the loci location match.
 java.lang.String getArm()
 java.lang.String getBand()
 java.lang.String getChromosome()
 java.lang.String getSubdivision()
 boolean isDefined()
          Is this locus defined.
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Constructor Detail


public HumanLocus(java.lang.String fishLocation)
           throws LocusSyntaxErrorException
Constructs a locus from its FISH location. Example of FISH location : 12q34.1

Method Detail


public boolean equals(Locus l)
Return true if the loci location match. The location match when at least the following is true:
  • The chromosome match,
  • The arm match,
  • The band match.

    Specified by:
    equals in interface Locus
    l - Locus to compare the location with.

  • getArm

    public java.lang.String getArm()
    Specified by:
    getArm in interface Locus


    public java.lang.String getSubdivision()
    Specified by:
    getSubdivision in interface Locus


    public java.lang.String getBand()
    Specified by:
    getBand in interface Locus


    public java.lang.String getChromosome()
    Specified by:
    getChromosome in interface Locus


    public boolean isDefined()
    Description copied from interface: Locus
    Is this locus defined.

    Specified by:
    isDefined in interface Locus
    True if this locus is defined with at least a chromosome, an arm,a band. Returns False otherwise.

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