Class DraggingModel

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DraggingModel
extends java.lang.Object
implements edu.mssm.crover.domain2d.DraggingModelInterface

Dragging model. This class is the model to determine if a residue can be dragged with the mouse to another location (by user interaction), or if the position is fixed (determined only by the layout algorithm for instance). It is the responsability of a Domain2D subclass implementor to turn off the dragging behaviour of residues incorporated in the SSE.

Constructor Summary
          The state is draggable=true by default
Method Summary
 boolean isDraggable()
 void setDragging(boolean new_state)
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Constructor Detail


public DraggingModel()
The state is draggable=true by default

Method Detail


public boolean isDraggable()
Specified by:
isDraggable in interface edu.mssm.crover.domain2d.DraggingModelInterface


public void setDragging(boolean new_state)
Specified by:
setDragging in interface edu.mssm.crover.domain2d.DraggingModelInterface

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